Fulton Food Safety Inc., (FFS) has been teaching, guiding and leading the food industry to develop and implement food safety and regulatory systems that continue to prove foods are safe, meet legal obligation and of the highest quality.


Fulton Food Safety Inc. was founded in 1998 with a vision to assist the food industry in maintaining compliance with food regulations, to work with operators to develop and maintain their food safety and quality management programs and to assist industry in plant design and expansion projects.

Since that time, FFS has grown to include a divers team of experts with extensive experience and knowledge in food regulations, food processing techniques, HACCP based systems, GFSI programs and food plant design.

The Fulton team is comprised of a team of Food Industry professionals who have extensive “hands-on” work experience in the food industry or government. Fulton employees have worked in the food industry in positions of QA Managers, Microbiologists and Food process engineers or have held positions with Government Agencies responsible for food safety enforcements (CFIA, OMAFRA).